Cutting of the cord or ties with Archangel Michael


For those of you who need to cut old ties, this is a great formula with the help of Archangel Michael. Because we all know cutting old ties is not always easy, an extra help is good to take. I know personaly what is old ties, a kind of ties didn’t needed anymore. And sometimes, you can cut this ties only when you are ready. And sometimes too, these ties become toxic for you but you can’t or don’t want to cut them because these ties are cherished by you. So you know you have to cut them, but you can’t. This formula, this extra help from AA Michael will help you to do the job.


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Cutting of the cord or ties with Archangel Michael

 Whenever a person forms a fear-based attachment to you (such as being afraid that you’ll leave them, or believing that you are their source of energy or happiness}, a cord is constructed between the two of you. The cord resembles surgical tubing, and they function like water hoses. When a needy person has formed an attachment to you, that person sucks energy from you through this cord. You may not see it, but you can feel its effect. You may feel tired or sad without knowing why; the person at the other end has just drawn on your power or sent you toxic energy through the cord.

 So any time you’ve helped someone –or whenever you feel lethargic, sad, or tired-it’s a good idea to “cut your cords”. You aren’t rejecting, abandoning or divorcing the person by cutting these bonds. You’re only serving the dysfunctional, fearful, co-dependent area of the relationship. The loving part of it remains attached.

So now we are going on a journey to this task with the Help of Michael.


 Close your eyes and take deep breaths in for four and out for four

Go through the body from the feet to your thoughts check in with the parts and relax


 Let’s take a walk in your favourite place (beach, woods, or the country side)

Come to a cliff, hill. You can climb or walk up easy

At the top you see a building church, ruins, cottage it is so inviting

You go in Michael two chairs you feel strong protected

Person you want to cut the cord/ties comes in with their angel

Happy to see you and glad to do this Michael with silver sword cuts the cord

Your person leaves with their angel (thank you)

Michael wrap his blue cloaks around you to fill the void with love and healing energy (thank him)

You can now leave in peace and make your way back down the hill.

You have an overwhelming feeling of happiness and relief. You can call on this feeling for ever more.

You will slowly start to become aware of the room and gently wriggle your fingers and toes.

Keeping your eyes close bring awareness back and when ready open your eyes and rejoin us.

Well come back tranquil spirit.

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