Announce your intentions to the Universe !

I was reading Bringers of the dawn :Teachings from the Pleiadians (1992) from Barbara Marciniak ( and at the fifth page, second paragraph, that’s open in me. And I said «Cool, this is an excellent idea! »  Then I copy here this paragraph for those who want to publish their creations, whatever kind it is. It’s very easy to adapt it to your needs. 

You are inspired, you want to write something and then publish what you wrote? Here is a small very simple step that will help you in this objective.

«Should we attempt to find a publisher before the book is completed, or at least announce that we are doing the book? (…) Ideally, yes, you will send out the announcement that you are beginning the book. The first time that you sit down to work on it, clear your desk top and have no clutter or disorganization around you. Have a clean space, with your crystal stones that will assist you. Then you can make a prayer of intention by saying : «I am now announcing that I am beginning a book, and I am sending this announcement out to anyone who is a publisher and to anyone who is involved in bringing this data into publication for those whom it will serve best. It is my intention that the person to publish this book discover me and be brought to me, and I promise that I will be available for that recognition. I understand that I have very little to do with this. That part is not mine. I understand that I am to broadcast the announcement like I am sending out the birth announcement and that a response will be sent to me. In this I trust.» That is it; it will be brought to you. » (Barbara Marciniak, Bringers of the dawn :Teachings from the Pleiadians, 1992, p. 5)

 As you see, it is mostly a question of belief and intention. Believe in yourself, in your creative power; announce your intentions and the universe will do the rest.

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